Project description

PhenCoCo is a trans-national group of researchers in philosophy and cognitive science whose aim is to explore the possibilities of dialogue(s) between phenomenological approaches to the mind and the empirical and computational sciences of cognition. The participants in PhenCoCo events come from various theoretical and practical fields, which makes the events a stimulating experience.

We currently work within three event formats:

  • Conferences and Special Guest Workshops (a reading and discussion of a publication with the author in a program of systematic commentary from the participants).
  • Colloquia, a possibility to discuss one’s latest work or texts of mutual interest.
  • Regular´s Table, an informal meet up at a restaurant. Usually the Marral in Berlin-Mitte.



Project motivation

PhenCoCo holds discussions that focus on cognitive processes, including mental representations, concepts and knowledge. The events offer the chance to meet researchers and discuss inter- and intra-disciplinary questions in a pleasant surrounding. We try to answer questions situated in various disciplines, while attending to the methodologies and background assumptions of the respective fields. PhenCoCo events are also open for discussion of practical (e.g. methodological) and ethical problems (e.g. in empirical sciences of the person or the issue of the translation of scientific achievements into social benefit).

To integrate and appreciate the available surroundings of cognitive research, we are in contact with institutions and companies that are working on comparable questions. Those include (presently or in the past) the Center for Subjectivity Research in Copenhagen, DFKI, Berlin Partner, VIOM GmbH, the Berlin School of Mind&Brain, Hybrid Platform, the DG Phil and other parties.


There are several opportunities to join in:

Participating in any event offers insights into contemporary debates about the nature of the mind, current questions about perception and the interpretation of signals in human and computational systems and the role of the body in cognition.

  • Joining the (virtual) organisational meetings enables you influence the project to your liking, for example by initiating own events.
  • Being a speaker in the colloquium offers the advantage of discussing your own research.
  • Being a speaker at our conferences or in a special guest workshop offers the possibility of getting thorough feedback from a group of interested academics on recently published works.



PhenCoCo is about science, not about politics. Neutrality in science is important.

If you have strong opinions in this regard, please try to keep it as neutral as possible.

Thank you very much.


Let us know what you think. Your feedback is welcome.



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