[2019] Colloquium: Technological nuances of artificial intelligence systems

16.03.2019 00:00
by Auris-E. Lipinski
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Date: Saturday, 16.03.2019

Time: 12-18 Uhr

Location: Daimler 'future research - living room' (Wohnzimmer/ think tank), enter the premises via Helmholtzstr. 2-9 or Salzufer 15-16, 10587 Berlin. From Helmholtzstraße, the building is in the 3rd backyard.

A more exact path description and map are given on the "Blackbird Music"-Website, but we will try to place enough signs, so it is easies to find.


On Saturady, we are going to go into details about the technological backgrounds.


Entry: none

Registration: Please send an e-mail to info@phencoco.net to give us the chance for a headcount and according preperation until the 14th of March 2019.



3 Lectures on Ai technologies and philosophical and social implications


1 On artificial intelligence and the technologies that supposedly amount to it:

- GOFAI (History)

- Bayesian parallel processing

- Deep learning

Speaker: Auris Lipinski


2) Using evolutionary algorithms for neural network generation

- What are evolutionary algorithms and adaptive models?

- How can we use these to change from our training of neural networks into an evolutionary process instead?

Speaker: Kristina Georgieva


3) Mor(e) on: Why AI seems to be indicating a need for Magic in Society.

- The other as Aliens, god or ai

- How the functionality and the possibilities of technology differ and how they are perceived

Speaker: Alexander Mankowsky



The last colloquium 'The need for magic: On artificial intelligence, translation & navigation, 26.01.19, 12-18 h

was focussed on the translation moments and magical moments in translation of comcepts and belief.

Media from the last event can be found on the according event website.

Computation and programming is used to try and model conscioussnes - both for explanation, as well as for...let´s call it "actual copying".

Audiofiles from the 2nd colloquium on computation give a nice intro to what computers can do.

Joscha Bach (mp3 - alternativlos episode), the expert on those audiofiles, is much more otpimistic than Alexander Mankowsky is, in terms of modelling intelligence artificially (recommended video!) and uses it to understand our minds. For examplde, by studying environment-manipulation of cells - e.g. in fractals - and explaining, why this is comparable to human perception behaviour/ consciouss systems. You can watch his talk at the last chaos communication congress.

For general preperation you can read up on:

- deep learning

- evolution, genetics, adaption

- machine leraning

- meaning construction

- turing test, turing.church-hypothesis (see above and check 2nd colloquium on computation, scroll down to page end)

We are looking forward to see you there!


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