9th Colloquium: Technological nuances of artificial intelligence systems (2019)

16.03.2019 00:00
by Auris-E. Lipinksi
3 Lectures on Ai technologies and philosophical and social implications
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We are happy to invite you to the next PhenCoCo event and our 8th colloquium.

We Take Time To Think Together in this format, to discuss and expand on scientific topics since January 2014.


Date:               16.03.2019

Time:               12-18 h

Location:        Daimler 'future research - living room' (Wohnzimmer/ think tank), Helmholtzstr. 2-9/ Salzufer 15-16, 10587 Berlin



It is a little tricky to find, please look for PhenCoCo-signs.


The colloquium will be part II of the topic of our 7th colloquium and a deeper look at the actual technological bases for artificial ‘intelligence’.



3 Lectures on Ai technologies and philosophical and social implications


1              On artificial intelligence and the technologies that supposedly amount to it.        Speaker: Auris-E. Lipinski

2              Using evolutionary algorithms for neural network generation.    Speaker: Kristina Georgieva

3              Mor(e)on: Why AI seems to be indicating a need for Magic in Society.    Speaker: Alexander Mankowsky


The discussion will be led by two questions:

                - What can intelligence refer to, in terms of technology?

                - Is this equivalent to what many people in society seem to think and hope about the existing attempts on AI?

Registration:      Please send an e-mail to info@phencoco.net to give us the chance for a headcount and according preparation until the 14th of March

We are looking forward to discussing with you.


PhenCoCo - Take Time To Think

Object of Research: Cognition between Phenomenology and Computation



Video, pictures- and sound recordings:
Additional to the audio recordings, we started to film our event content, because it is precious. The materials of the workshops are kept and made available, so far, for free. Please do tell us, if there are comments on the format.


Please come back later, for the videos and audio files of this colloquium.


Presentation Slides A.-E. Lipinski

AI_Technologies_ael_16.03.2019.pdf (3.3 MiB)

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