Colloqium #25

24 February 2024


Elemonsters is a transmedia storyworld about the chemical elements, that have come to life as monsters – materialized in a card game. Think of it as “Pokémon with chemistry”.

In this lecture I will talk about the origin story of the idea, the several stages of development, the final output and its spin-offs. My emphasis will be on gamification and merging science with fantasy creatures.

12:00 - 2:00 pm, possibly longer

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Andreas Dihm: After seriously trying to study physics for two semesters Andreas Dihm realized, that he will become neither a scientist nor an astronaut. Instead he studied animation at the film university in Babelsberg. Since his graduation in 2003 he works as a freelance animator in various fields, such as television, theatre, exhibitions and explanatory films.

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