PhenCoCo is a trans-national community of researchers whose aim it is to explore the possibilities of dialogue(s) between phenomenological approaches to understand the mind, and the empirical and computational sciences of cognition. This gives us a wide range of topics and fields to draw from.

The colloquia are the presentations and discussions about specific topics, currently online on discord. We take time to think, since 2013, mostly Saturday´s from 12:00 on, so we can reach the quality desired in our talks. (Yes, we do love science, and use our saturdays for it, as well. ;))

The open regular´s tables are informal dinner discussions at Café Marral, Torstr.222, 19:00, roughly every second Wednesday. Please check eventlist.

Topics include science (humanities included), technology, digitalisation and society with regard to philosophical consequences. The participants in these events come from various theoretical and practical fields, which makes the events a hopefully stimulating experience.

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The link expires every week and is renewed regularly. If disabled, just send an e-mail to info[at] to get access. (You need an account, sorry. If you absolutely do not want to, let us know, we´ll find a way.)

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