PhenCoCo is a trans-national community of researchers whose aim it is to explore the possibilities of dialogue(s) between phenomenological approaches to understand the mind, and the empirical and computational sciences of cognition.

The topics include technology, digitalisation and society with regard to philosophical consequences. The participants in these events come from various theoretical and practical fields, which makes the events a hopefully stimulating experience.

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Colloqium #27

Significance of Social Media in Shaping our Decision-Making Process

Apr 6, 2024 at 12:00 pm CEST

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"Significance of Social Media in Shaping our Decision-Making Process"

Today, a swipe can land us a new pair of sneakers or deliver dinner to our doorstep, and a single tweet can spark a global movement. We are always just a push of a button away from making such choices. Every day, we face endless … read more


Anshul Shrivastava: From fitness coach to self-made entrepreneur, my journey has taken me from launching an Instagram fitness page to co-founding an e-commerce platform … read more


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