Colloqium #5

October 2014

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Our fifth colloquium “Embodiment” took place on 25th October 2014. It was a closer look on different versions of embodiment, situated cognition and related concepts with a focus on the Extended Mind Hypothesis.

Many approaches concerning the embodiment issues are motivated by a felt lack of explanatory force in dualistic theories, which have had a revival in the last couple of years. (Of course revival is time-place-relation dependent).

The expert-roles for embodiment theories were kindly taken by Anna Strasser and Joerg Fingerhut, both highly trained and academically experienced philosophers of mind-body-systems.

Accompanying experts: Anna Strasser & Jörg Fingerhut


Gonzalo Rojas: Former Teammate and Phenomenology/ Embodiment Student

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source: ael

Denis E. Vargas Gorenkov: Former Teammate and Phenomenology Student/Researcher

Expert Guests


Anna Strasser: After postdoctoral positions as scientific researcher and coordinator in Freiburg (Center for Cognitive Science) (2004-07) & Berlin (Berlin School of Mind and Brain) (2009-16) and a visiting fellowship at the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University, USA with Daniel Dennett (2018) I founded the DenkWerkstatt Berlin and work now as an independent, freelance philosopher in Berlin. Since autumn 2020 I am an associate researcher of the Cognition, Values, Behaviour (CVBE) research group at LMU-Munich. From March to June 2023, I was a Visiting Fellow with Eric Schwitzgebel at UC Riverside. (Source:

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