Colloqium #4

May 2014

source: a.d´andrea source: a.d´andrea
source: a.d´andrea


Our fourth workshop “Mind and Language” took place on the 31st May 2014 and had a keen eye on the way how functionality, intentionality and language are intertwined, what the role of language in different moments is or can be, in relation to perception and our ‘mental’ concepts.

A look on how the mind relates to the world through language, with a characterisation of Michael Tomasello´s explanations about understanding social contexts.


Sophie De Beukelaer: Then, student of Philosophy and Medicine

Anna D´Andrea: Then, student of Philosophy and focussed on DAvidson and Mind and Language

source: k.kuettner-lipinski
source: k.kuettner-lipinski

Jens Schönherr: Former Teammate, Philsoophy BA, PC-Knowledge, Deep understanding of mental capacities.

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