20 March 2024


The open regular´s table will inform on new event opportunities surrounding PhenCoCo and is a good place to get to know the event-style and to check, whether you can use it for your own thinking processes. As you might have gathered, we take time to think - together. And we are doing it, since 2013/14, with new people, every year. The old fundament still exists, and we make an effort to be welcoming to both professional thinkers, as well as thinkers out of interest. Do join, if you feel like talking helps you to think. Do join, if you reflect a lot, and want to do it with others. Do Join, if you want to listen to people speaking about their professional topics. Do join, if you want to prepare your thesis defense, or to test out your arguments. Do join, if the topic simply is of the upcoming colloquium is of interest to you. :)


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Colloqium Material

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