Colloqium #10

May 2019

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Lecture 1:

On the principles behind free software and “intellectual property”.

One way or another almost anybody got in touch with issues relating to so called “intellectual property”. Despite increasing usage, intimacy and dangers, when it comes to issues relating to the way software is produced our amazement frequently drops to zero. Why would it be of interest at all, unless you happen to be an IT professional? Isn’t it too technical to spark the light of philosophy?

You may be surprised to find moral reasoning throughout the discourse on free software. Also discover some deeper connections to the things you are using and the people you are actually supporting. You may be interested in the unresolved conflicts as well as attitudes of the key players. Most of all, you will be presented some challenging questions.

The talk consists of three parts: An introduction to the discourse, a clarification of the base concepts along their aspects of conflict and lastly a Q&A session inviting more discussion.

Speaker: Michael Scheppat

Lecture 2:

A G-MAFIA exit strategy. On Next Cloud as a concrete example for free software and open source.


In der Präsentation wird eine Übersicht der inzwischen gegeben Möglichkeiten der Nextcloud vorgestellt. Es Teile der technischen Optionen und zu beachtenden Gegebenheiten werden erklärt und von persönlichen Erfahrungen mit der Nextcloud und seinen Benutzern berichtet. Zusätzlich wnd der Vortrag einige, auf die berufliche Welt bezogene Hinweise enthalten. (GERMAN)

heise/nextcloud (GERMAN)

opensource/definition (ENGLISH)


Michael Scheppat: Michael Scheppat mastered computer sciences and also studied ancient greek philosophy (FU/HU Berlin). The rightful connection of those two desciplines and human unity are his major concerns which are also reflected in his online platform He works as a software developer as well as scrum master.

York Johannsen: York is a Linux administrator who has been working with different setups and environments for many years. His passion for FOSS is both private and professional at Sys11.

He often tries to exceed the usual security requirements and sometimes finds new frontiers in the IT landscape.

Previously still firmly in the hands of G-MAFIA, NextCloud was one of the most important tools to escape.

He has the aura of a proper system engineer (also called nerd) for whom no amount of data is too big to handle and no amount of signs in a password too long. If you want to know how many digits/letters/signs you need fo a certain account password with a known service, look it up or - say the magic words: “ask York.”

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