Colloqium #21

27 November 2022


Philosophy actually has more than one beginning, and in the beginnings of philosophy, the principle of fiction plays a central role.

Two of the many beginnings of philosophy are being touched:

One beginning of philosophy in Greece, which is often understood as singular and monolithic, which can be shown is already heterogeneous in itself, consists in a kind of questioning, fragmentarily answered by the principle of fiction.

The other beginning of philosophy presented here is the Aztec one. The Aztec philosophy has the form of poetry in another constellation of the principle of fiction. This consists of the performative questioning of in xochitl in cuicatl, Nahuatl for poetry, as simultaneously the access to and the operation of teotl, the creative world process.

In conclusion, it will be shown once again why a principle fiction is more current than ever.


source: j.ossenkopp
source: j.ossenkopp

Jörg Ossenkopp : For many years, Dr.phil. Jörg Ossenkopp has worked on the topic of philosophy as a way of life. For a living, he works on a freelance basis as an interim CTO and product architect in the tech industry. Together with programmers from East Africa he forms Team GEA, which aims at international knowledge exchange and inclusive collaboration.

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