Colloqium #27

06 April 2024

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“Significance of Social Media in Shaping our Decision-Making Process”

Today, a swipe can land us a new pair of sneakers or deliver dinner to our doorstep, and a single tweet can spark a global movement. We are always just a push of a button away from making such choices. Every day, we face endless decisions, from what we buy and the places we visit to the media we consume and the opinions we form. At first glance, it may seem obvious. We know what’s best for us, we weigh our options and make a decision.

However, putting on our thinking caps, we must ask ourselves, “Among all the possible options worldwide available to us, why did we choose that specific phone model? Or decide to follow that particular person on TikTok or planned to watch that show on Netflix?”

In the presentation, I will attempt to answer these questions. We will try to understand human behavior and its interaction with social media content and examine what we’ve learned through the lens of health and fitness content on social media.

Let’s unravel how social media influences our choices. How does it guide our journey down the rabbit hole of decision-making, subtly steering us in directions we might not even realize?


source: a.shrivastava
source: a.shrivastava

Anshul Shrivastava: From fitness coach to self-made entrepreneur, my journey has taken me from launching an Instagram fitness page to co-founding an e-commerce platform for fresh produce and groceries. Along the way, I scaled up my skills in digital marketing, sales, and operations management. Now, as I pursue my MBA, I’m diving deeper into learning the strategies of marketing & branding, business development, and entrepreneurship to expand my expertise.


MBA (Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

M.Sc in Computer Science

Work Experience:

Cofounder of Labhanshi Mart (eCommerce Grocery Store)

Digital marketing & personal branding on Instagram (Health & Fitness Page)

Strength Training & Weight Management Coach

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