Special-Guest Workshop

November 2015

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Topic: Self and Other: exploring subjectivity, empathy, and shame

The Workshop will put emphasis on a detailed reading of the book. Two preparation sessions will ensure our common ground for the matter and help prepare the presentation of Zahavi´s work.

Organisational co-operation with Anna Strasser and the Mind and Brain Institute.

Special Guest Workshop

speaker: Dan Zahavi

time: Saturday, 27.-28 November 2015

venue: HGS, Luisenstr. 56, room 144 / 220 / Cafeteria

1st Preparation session

time: Sunday, 25.Oktober 2015, 00:00 h

venue: HGS, Luisenstr. 56, room 144 / 220 / Cafeteria ?

2nd Preparation session:

time: Sunday, 21. November 2015, 00:00 h

venue: HGS, Luisenstr. 56, room 144 / 220 / Cafeteria ?

The book should be read in total. The book will be divided in three parts and presented, Zahavi will be given the opportunity to comment and we will raise some questions and objections.

You can read the full timetable below.

If there is anything you want to know in addition, please let us know.

All the best!


Friday: Dan Zahavi M&B Lecture

18:30 in 144 (organized by M&B)

Saturday: Special Guest Workshop (1 Day)

9:30- 10:00 coffee and get together

10:00: - 12:00: Part I. The Experiential Self

P1 - INTRO (supplements by Zahavi)

P2 - QUESTIONS (clarification & other)

P3 / P4 / P5 - OBJECTIONS (critical questions)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00 – 15:00 Part II. Empathic Understanding

P1 -INTRO (supplements by Zahavi)

P2 - QUESTIONS (clarification & other)

P3 / P4 / P5 - OBJECTIONS (critical questions)

15:00 – 15:30 Coffee

15:30 – 17:30 Part III. The Interpersonal Self

P1 -INTRO (supplements by Zahavi)

P2 -QUESTIONS (clarification & other)

P3 / P4 / P5 OBJECTIONS (critical questions)

17:30 final discussion


source: n.zaslawski
source: n.zaslawski

Nicolas Zaslawski

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source: m.kneubuehler

Marine Kneubühler

Expert Guests

source: https://www.denkwerkstatt.berlin/ANNA-STRASSER/
source: https://www.denkwerkstatt.berlin/ANNA-STRASSER/

Anna Strasser: After postdoctoral positions as scientific researcher and coordinator in Freiburg (Center for Cognitive Science) (2004-07) & Berlin (Berlin School of Mind and Brain) (2009-16) and a visiting fellowship at the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University, USA with Daniel Dennett (2018) I founded the DenkWerkstatt Berlin and work now as an independent, freelance philosopher in Berlin. Since autumn 2020 I am an associate researcher of the Cognition, Values, Behaviour (CVBE) research group at LMU-Munich. From March to June 2023, I was a Visiting Fellow with Eric Schwitzgebel at UC Riverside. (Source: https://www.denkwerkstatt.berlin/ANNA-STRASSER/)

Material on Anna Strasser
source: d.zahavi
source: d.zahavi

Dan Zahavi: Dan Zahavi (born 1967) is a Danish philosopher. He is currently a professor of philosophy at University of Copenhagen.


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source: ael

Auris–E. Lipinski: Auris-E. Lipinski is a studied philosophy teacher with experience in the tech industry, providing one-on-one lessons and tech-communications for companies and entrepeneurs, as well as language trainings and simultanoues translations. While studying Philosophy & English at Humboldt University, Berlin, she became a scientific assistant at VIOM GmbH. She founded PhenCoCo in the aftermath of university seminars like “Konstruktion und Phänomenologie der Wahrnehmung”, Phänomenologie und Kognition" (M. Thiering) and “Computation und Geist” (J. Bach). She has been involved in different research and development projects, guiding her academic interests towards way finding and cognitive preconditions for navigation, both computational and phenomenological. This includes working on spacial concepts found in philosophy, psychology and robotics, subsuming Gestalt theory, embodiment theories, language/ concept importance, association and intuition. Her personal interests lie a.o. in current issues in philosophy, technology, and science, specifically navigation, optimisation, and telematics.

Workshop Material

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